December 6th, 2008


November. Steely Dan. A dearth of blogging.

Crewmen of the true companion
I can see you're tired of action
In this everlasting twilight
Home is just a sad abstraction.

Just beyond the troubled skyways
Young men dream of fire and star shine.
I've been dreaming of my own green world
Far across the reach of space time.

--Steely Dan, "True Companion"

I have just had the most pleasant November I can remember in a long time. The cold and dark and bad memories usually start piling up on me a bit in November, but this year they stayed away.

I woke up this morning with a nightmare that reminded me of my immense gratitude for the place I live now. For too many years, home was, indeed, just a "sad abstraction." Thank God it's now something concrete, and happy... "my own green world" is covered in snow at the moment, but that's ok.

Re: dearth of blogging. First I took an honest to goodness internet hiatus because I was tired of general and particular stupidity on the internet, and because I had too many other things to get done. Also, I've been reading an awful lot of books because I'm doing a reading contest at my local library. Isn't that quaint?
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