charles_hanon (charles_hanon) wrote,

MEATLOAF, not the band

Just for you, Natural Mommy.

I took the Ground Turkey Meatloaf recipe from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook, and made some slight modifications.

Mine is a little simpler. Here's how I deviate from her recipe:

1) I use ground beef
2) I don't bother with the tomato paste or chicken stock.. they are there solely to moisten up the ground turkey, so ground beef doesn't require these things
3) I use a roasting pan with the lid off to contain the fat
4) I use as much ketchup as it takes to cover the top of the meatloaf pretty thickly, I don't measure it.
5) I cook until it is 180 in the middle. This has been known to take 2 hrs or more.
6) Most of the time I make half or 1/3 recipe. You need MANY hungry guests to do justice to a 5-lb meatloaf.

Now, for the recipe swap.. I'd like a really GOOD recipe for tomato soup. NOT gazpacho and NOT chunky. Or, anything you do with white beans that's really good. My white bean recipes are all "eh."
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